Run Your Elections The Smart And Fun Way


Are you in charge of running elections in your group, organization, company, or schools/colleges/universities? Here is where you will learn to trade "working hard" with "working smart."



While many of us may complain about technology when we have problems - you know the problems with connections, confusing instructions, programs crashing, etc., remember that our level of technology today serves us well also. When you see what Electionrunner.com can do to make life easier for you, you will thank the creators for bringing you ease, thoroughness, time-saving, stress reduction, and FUN.

If you are tired of:

• all the paperwork you try to keep in the same folder so they don't get lost

• endless details to manage

• items you try not to forget when running an election

• making sure that voters know what to do

• answering endless questions

• adding up results, and doing it again to make sure they are right

There is a perfect answer for you with the software ease at electionrunner.com.

Administrators and students, and others in charge of running elections in organizations, take note:

Join the movement to end the waste of paper (Be Green!) and time (Lessen your stress) and bring simplicity, attractiveness, and ease to running elections, especially in schools grades K-12. You can take a quick tour at this electionrunner website to learn in minutes whether its features will benefit you.

The Election Itself

You just fill in the blanks to complete sections on naming, describing the election, and the dates it will run.

The Ballot

Then you do the same for the ballot that will include the offices, the candidates, and their profiles. You can edit this ballot at any time. If the list of offices and candidates is long, you can import the list. Candidates' photos can also be added.

The Voters

Adding voters is done by importing a list or adding voters individually. Each will need a VoterID and Voterkey which are login information enabling each to vote. Email addresses of voters can be added to notify voters of the start of the election and other important information. Obviously an excel spreadsheet with all the information included is the easiest method to use.

The Design Of The Ballot

Have fun designing your ballot with your choice of colors, layouts, and photos. You can choose the simple approach, or add a bit of interest with your choice of color and layout, or make it very attractive with photos.

The Results

Colorful easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and total counts provide results you can take in at a glance.

Pricing: You are wondering how much this will cost?

Good news: you can sign up for a free account. Otherwise, the price is cost per voter. The best value offer is for $39 for 500 voters. Added bonus: the first 30 voters in each election are free.

Educational institutions, take note: you can inquire for special rates.

Be the first among your peers and colleagues to use this helpful software to run your next election. Everyone involved will be excited about how much time and energy are saved.

Rather than being a headache, running your next election will be a pleasure and a breeze.